Go See Hidden Figures

It can be hard to justify leaving your house to spend $50 or more on movie and popcorn at your local theater, but this is one film that’s worth the expense. The three leads can each hold their own on screen and each one deserved an entire two hour and

Saying “Bye, Felicia” to 2016

2016 was a crappy year. We lost musical icons like Prince, Maurice White and David Bowie who passed before their time. We continued to see black men shot by police. And those police inexplicably exonerated. The Orlando shooting. Brexit. Aleppo. Berlin. Standing Rock. We elected a man of questionable moral character

Is 1 in 6 Diverse?

When a business acquaintance sent me the link to an article about female cinematographers on lennyletter.com, Lena Dunham’s blog about all things with a double x chromosome, I was excited and hopeful that I would gain some insight into the world of the DP from a woman’s perspective. But I found

Bratt is Back

If it seems as though Benjamin Bratt has mysteriously appeared after missing for a long stretch, don’t complain. Just enjoy that he’s back.  He pops up in the top of Marvel’s Dr. Strange as a man who has beaten the odds against a disability and has a leading role in

BAFTA Ensures Diversity for Top Film Awards

Kudos to BAFTA for putting their foot down on the subject of diversity.  Films will no longer be considered for the Outstanding British Film or Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer awards if they “don’t meet certain standards of inclusiveness.” Like the US, the UK has struggled with a lack of