How to RSVP


Colour TV is an informal networking group.  At present we do not require our members to pay dues or admission fees in order to attend our events.  However, we do ask that you RSVP yes or no to an event and if, for any reason, you cannot make it you must let us know in advance.  We appreciate that all of our schedules are subject to last minute emergencies and unforeseen illnesses. But many of our gatherings are sponsored either by an individual or a company which means that we give our location a guarantee number of attendees.  Often times, we also usually have a wait list for our hosted dinners.  When you are a no-show, our host loses that money and you prohibit someone on the wait list from attending.  Send an email to


Additionally, we have instituted a new policy that if you are a no-show to a hosted event, we will have to skip your invitation for the next hosted dinner.  Seats at these dinners are highly coveted so please treat being invited with the appropriate respect.