Over the past few years the Colour TV membership has grown to include over 400 executives from the broadcast and cable networks, as well as studios and production companies on both coasts.  Membership is comprised of executives from all areas of television that impact the creation of content.  Regular mixers are held three to four times a year. 


Since 2008, giving back to our community has been an integral part of the Colour Entertainment brand.  We hold annual volunteer events at the Los Angeles Food Bank, and every holiday event includes a drive for a local charity.  In 2011 we collected toiletries for the Downtown Women’s Center and in 2012 we focused on the Challenger’s Boys and Girls Club and the Jenesse Center for Battered Women.



Having been very successful with networking as our main offering, in 2012 Colour Entertainment took the organization to a new level by proving educational and developmental programming for our Colour TV members. Our first event, “Crafting Your Social Media Brand” outlined how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to refine your to benefit your professional career. We are currently identifying speakers for 2013.



A few years ago, in an effort to broaden our realm of contacts, Colour TV began a series of “Guest Hosted” events.  The presidents of NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS and many cable networks including Turner Broadcasting, Lifetime, HBO, Showtime and Nickelodeon have all hosted individual dinners. In addition, several studios have stepped up to sponsor one of these intimate events. These dinners give our members a chance to informally interface with senior level executives from the hosting company. At the same time, these events allow the Presidents and their executive staffs to spend quality time with a group of talented creatives they may or may not have met in the past.
The unique format for these dinners encourages the most interaction between our members and our hosts as possible. To that end, we secure a private room in a restaurant with 6-8 tables to accommodate 50-60 Colour TV members. One chair is left open at each table for the guest host and his/her executive team.  The guests rotate from table to table enjoying various courses (usually four to five) throughout an evening that typically spans two hours.  The hosting network/company sponsors the dinner cost while the ColourTV Board takes care of the invite list and the logistics. Both sponsors and our members who have participated in the past agree that it is a win-win for both entities.


Over the past 10 years, Colour TV has organized dinners with every major studio and network in the entertainment business. These Hosted dinners have been incredibly productive and have spawned countless relationships between Colour TV members and executives at our sponsor companies.  We consider these events to be our premiere offering.

In order for you to be invited to a hosted dinner, we require you to attend at least one general networking mixer.  Part of what makes our group special is our familiarity with one another, our ability to advocate for other members for potential opportunities, and an appreciation that our hosts are giving of their time and their funds to enjoy a pleasant evening with our members.