About Us


Co-founded by Bruce Evans and Kelly Edwards on November 30, 2000, Colour Entertainment initially began as a small group of creative executives of color in the entertainment industry gathering regularly in an informal dinner setting at a Hollywood restaurant.  As the group grew in size and our events became more frequent it was apparent that getting together allowed us the opportunity to share common experiences, receive advice from our peers, and discuss industry developments and career goals.  We called the group Colour TV.

In September of 2006 we expanded the Colour TV brand to include new groups. First, we realized that in the early stages of a media career the ability to have a network is critical, consequently we launched Colour Assistants.  The executive group supports Colour Assistants with programming that include discussions on career development, relationship building and mentorship. This new group was so successful that we contemplated other offshoots. In March of 2007, we started Colour Film with several studios joining our group of diverse feature executives for “Guest Hosted” dinners.

The following year we expanded to New York City with the formation of Colour TV East, a group that also includes executives in news, sales, finance, and marketing.  Most recently, in 2011, we launched Colour TV DC to include television executives who work in the Nation’s Capitol.  The latest Colour group launched was for Digital which had its inaugural event in November 2012.


Colour Entertainment Group is a non profit organization dedicated to maximizing the potential of executives of color who work in the entertainment industry. Through networking events, educational seminars, speaker series and mentoring, we  engage, connect and support diverse executives who will continue to be successful in the ever changing media world. It is our goal to develop the best television, film, digital executives and assistants in the business.

Our Colour Entertainment Group members are involved in a variety of programs and activities. Our signature entertainment company “Hosted Dinners” as well as our regularly scheduled  casual mixers allow our members to build relationships with executives of all levels in an intimate setting. Throughout the year, we host speakers and panels with specific topics to educate our members on relevant industry subject matter. We participate in discussions of the day and seek solutions for problems confronting our industry.  We consistently engage in peer to peer mentoring as well as the mentoring of our up-and-coming assistants and young executives.  We foster introductions and often serve as a clearing house for entertainment companies looking to hire excellent candidates.  In addition, our participation in community service events as a group allows us an opportunity to give back. In short,  we are the premiere forum for entertainment executives of color.