Community Spotlight: Fox’s Samata Narra Supports Film2Future

As part of our ongoing series profiling non-profit orgs that our CEG members are championing, Samata Narra, Fox’s SVP of Comedy tells us why she’s passionate about Film2Future.

Tell Us about Film2Future?

It’s basically a 2-week program for at risk youth in LAUSD to teach them as much as we can about the opportunities available to them 5 minutes from their homes in the entertainment industry.   At the end of the two week program last year they had written, produced and directed their own shorts in groups of 5. While film and television is the focus, we build in real life skills into every module whether it be learning Excel to self-advocacy to problem solving.  We had 11 kids that were going to be seniors and most had no intention of going to college. At the end of two weeks we, were working on their applications with them. 

Last year we had 20 students and because we lost our funding from the government (thank you wonderful new administration), we weren’t able to open up the application process.  Instead of not having the program this year, we are privately fundraising and decided to create a full on new curriculum this year and IT’S ANIMATION! This year we had 25 students in the program which started June 12th and completed last Friday.


Our mission is to build healthy and resilient youth, while providing career opportunities in the thriving entertainment industry.  Film2Future (F2F) is a non-profit creative and technical filmmaking program for at-risk, diverse students between the ages of 14 – 18.  Students learn life skills such as self-advocacy, confidence, teamwork, budget preparation and resume writing.  Each student receives healthy meals, transportation and use of a computer during the program.  We also provide one-on-one professional mentorship and, upon graduation, work to create a direct pipeline for our students into higher education or into a paid entry-level industry position. F2F launched in 2016 Los Angeles with 19 LA Unified High School students. In 2017, we are hosting an animation program for 25 students.

2 great videos that sum up the program!

Future is here:

Student Stories:

How did you become aware of the org?

Like many things in our business, it’s all about who you know.  In this situation it starts with a friend of a friend, Rachel Miller, from when I was an assistant at William Morris. She now runs Haven Entertainment and has always been a hustler.  Our paths crossed many times over the years, mostly friendly. Last year she was tasked by Homeland Security to come up with a program that could help beat the radicalization of today’s youth thus the birth of Film2Future. Shortly thereafter I received a phone call asking to be on the board.  I immediately said yes because of Rachel’s reputation alone, but I also believed in its founding principles.

How would you like Colour Entertainment to help?

For anyone that wants to volunteer, donate, get the word out or offer their own advice to a fledgling non-profit, we will take any and all help we can get.  Beyond what we are doing for these kids, the bottom line is that we are also creating a pipeline for unique and diverse voices for our industry.  We want to be a part of the solution to the problem that every entertainment trade, coalition, and agency is complaining about. DONATE @!